How to design a functional office kitchen?

These days, workplaces are becoming far more flexible in terms of timings and work, and giving time to employees to have some space for themselves also. In this scenario, it is important to have some spaces which can be used to socialize, namely the office kitchen space.

Now, this one space that is used by one and all, and when doing your office interior design, it’s a space that needs to be catered for – however, how do you design a functional office kitchen?

First off, start with looking for some dead space in your office – here is where you can install the kitchen space – since it can be out of way and yet connected, and utilizing the office space perfectly. Now comes the task of designing the office kitchen, and here are some cool ways in which you can design a functional office kitchen.

  • Use the walls as much as possible: Not only will this give you space to store stuff, but will also keep moving space in the kitchen, making it beneficial for all.
  • Keep the microwave, fridge and sink on three different walls, so as to not crowd everyone at the same spot. This will also free movement in the kitchen, and simultaneously more people can be in the kitchen.
  • Stay safe: Safety at workplace is more than important, so make sure there is an emergency exit while doing the office interior fit out in case of any untoward instances.
  • Make it social: Decorate the office kitchen and the space around it in a way that it’s very social – include some fun activities to keep your employees entertained, and to let their hair down once in a while.
  • Staples Station: This one is super helpful, especially when you’ve forgotten to add salt in a hurry, or need some tea to keep your eyes open. Place important staples in your kitchen cabinet to ensure happy and secure employees – sometimes they just need to know that you got their back!

These are some very helpful and important tips to be considered while making a functional office kitchen, however, if you get stuck, check out Winter Plus Interior Design, an office interior fit out companies in dubai and office interior design company, specializing in all things related to fit outs and joinery.


How office design helps build brand identity?

Office interior fit out companies in Dubai

When you think of brand identity and brand building – does office design occur to you? No? Well, here is your first mistake – your office is a reflection of who you are and this is what should come across as soon as one walks in to your workspace.

It’s important to invest time, energy, creativity to build your work environment, which is in sync with your business ideologies, thus creating a lasting impact. While this might not come easily to you, there are various office interior fit out companies in Dubai who can help you give this look and feel to your office.

Your office is the one space where you can get creative and fun with colors – creating an impression. Don’t forget – the music in the common area to the messages on the wall – these are all ways your brand communicates with people who walk in to your work space.

Office interior design Dubai

Also, office interior design which brings out the branding of the company also brings employees together – it sets the culture right and it’s the one space where they completely bond with each other.

Consistency is key to achieving success, and this is why your office design must be consistent with the other branding material.

Let’s look at this in another manner – when your staff attends networking events, they are considered to be reaching out to a whole lot of people being a part of your company – similarly, your office design and workspace speak about your brand ethics and identity. It’s the face of your business, for visitors, staff, clients, partners – and it needs to talk about your brand, which is how office design also complements in building your brand identity.

And it doesn’t matter which business you belong to – office interior design is of utmost importance as it sets the tone for your business and for the next business meeting which will be held in your office.

Now, if you need help with office interior fit outs to help you set your brand tone right, get in touch with Winter Plus Interior Design Works Ltd, an interior design and fit out company in Dubai – who can help you with customized solutions for your office interior design.

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How to increase motivation with office design?

Office Interior Design has a lot of impact on your employees – According to most surveys, people believe their workplace design helps them be a lot more productive, as it contributes to a sense of community within the workplace, and it also tends to make work a lot more fun.

If we had to cite some examples of how workplace design affects productivity, then the top most one would be that open layouts tend to encourage more interaction, thus leading to lower privacy and decreasing concentration levels. Similarly, desks too close work negatively in terms of creativity and productivity. Now, the question arises on how to increase motivation with office interior fit outs? Well, here are a few ways…

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Lights – Very important a factor and almost a key saver when it comes to office interior design. Lights should help you stay focused, inspired – and bad lighting tends to cause strain, headache, irritability – thus affecting your productivity levels.

Meeting Rooms – It’s a known fact that Managers tend to spend most of their time in meeting rooms – and a four by four room might not be such a great idea after all. So, instead of sitting in the same spot staring at blank walls – it’s best to create community areas where ideas, thoughts and creativity can flourish. There could be separate areas for different group sizes.

Declutter – A cluttered space translates to a cluttered mind – so it’s essential to declutter! While you might not be able to do so much with the furniture and things, you can ensure to keep your surroundings clean – this will help your employees focus much better!

Movement in the workplace – Being glued to one place can bring about stagnation – so you can encourage employees to move around, as this will make them far more productive. Multifunctional and mobile workstations can help bring about increased productivity – also makes it easier for employees to mix around and sit with a team at time, so it helps in work. Not secluding any particular department can do the trick for you.

So to sum it up, Office interior design is not only building for creating a lasting first impression, it is also required to boost the morale of your employees. Check out Winter Plus Interior Design, one of the most reputed office interior fit out companies in Dubai – they’re trustworthy, and give a fresh look to your work place.

8 must- know trends in office fit outs

Interior fit outs take the center stage in modern business environments as the impression your office gives is very important. To create exceptional experiences for both employees and customers, businesses are now finding new and trendy ways to renovate their office interiors.

office interior fit out companies in dubai

8 trends followed by Interior fit out companies in dubai

a. Organic workspaces
Organic workspaces are known to bring reduced stress, lower anxiety, and creative inspirations for employees to excel. It’s a latest trend that is making waves in 2019. Natural lights, indoor foliage, rooftop gardens, and planting of trees in reception areas are some of the latest organic trends in interior fit outs.
b. Open Office
Workspaces are becoming more open with partition removals and lowered room heights. Modern businesses are getting rid of private offices and are reducing their size significantly to foster greater employee interactions. Frosted glass partitions are also a popular choice to have the required privacy and confidentiality.
c. More Team Rooms
Interior fit out companies are replacing traditional conference rooms with more number of team rooms in varying capacity for groups of different sizes.
d. Manage noise and privacy
Many of the new interior fit out companies are providing quiet and private work spaces via small, enclosed office spaces. Sound- absorptive desk-level products, flooring, and ceiling tiles are used by interior fit out companies for managing the noise levels in offices.
e. Appealing aesthetics
The trend is to move away from recycled and industrial feel. Fit out companies suggest the use of bright colors, bold designs and geometric forms to create an appealing aesthetic.
f. Minimalism
One of the trends followed by fit out companies is minimalism. They strip back all the unwanted elements from your office design and recreate your office with minimalism as a focus from the outset.

g. Power of POD
PODs are comfortable, informal spaces where employees are able to work independently or hold small and impromptu meetings. PODs provide the required privacy for your office, whilst maintaining the atmosphere of an open plan office.
h. Me-time spaces
It’s the one trend everyone is loving this year! The focus is on giving the right type of space to attain balance inemployees lives. It’s like an extra escape space for the employees to uplift their souls or to have a little dose of
“me time”.

Winter plus is a UAE based interior fit out company that creates modern living and office spaces. They are a one stop company for office interior fit out, interior design, café interior, restaurant interior fit out etc.

Things to Keep in Mind While Going for Interior Fit Out Companies

Best interior fit out companies in Dubai – Experts in Commercial and Retail fitouts

Are you moving out to a new space? Or have you decided to refurbish your current space and need a fit-out company? Well, you’ve definitely assigned a budget for this, and it’s important to understand that it’s making an investment in the future of your business. However, when hiring a fit-out company – you will need to keep a few things in mind. The interior is not just that, it’s a space for you, your employees and your business to grow – it’s a lot more!

We’ll help you with a few points to keep in mind when hiring an interior fit out company.

Questions: Ask questions and some more questions. Hiring a fit-out company is going to affect your work in more than a few ways so it’s best to clear all doubts. You’ll want to know exactly how the time and resources will be efficiently used. At this stage, it is important to have a team who will understand your questions and will minimize the potential problems in this process.

Portfolio: Check out the previous work done, it will help you establish a sense of style and comfort – and you’ll know how the previous work was handled – it will help you get comfortable with any fit out company.

Service: It’s very important to understand the level of service an interior fit out company is providing. Either they are there from start to end, or only come in towards the end for fit-outs.

Examine: Once you’ve gotten comfortable with their style of work and service, you need to understand if they can bring the creativity and innovativeness to your project. They should be able to give effective and efficient advice on the best way to use your space – and with innovative techniques to help give you an outstanding ambience.

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Once you’re sure of all this and more, ask the fit out companies to present their ideas – along with the estimated cost – and this is what will help you make the final decision. Winter Plus is a UAE based fit-out and joinery company who provides end-to-end services to give your office, retail or Fnb space a fab makeover.

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How to convert Home in to Office?

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Many successful companies often permit their employees to work from home, compelling many people to take an extra effort in creating a productive working space in their homes. It is an important space that requires proper planning, and some investment in terms of time and money. People who have the liberation to work from home prefer an environment that is more warm and comfortable than usual office environments. Home working spaces give you the flexibility to set up your own schedule, save time, and gas money by eliminating your daily commute. Before moving ahead with the idea of creating a workspace in your home, be sure to consider every factor like lighting, furniture etc.

Interior Fit Out Company Dubai

Hiring an Interior fit out company is one of the best ways to convert residential space into an office space. An office interior fit out company can create an ideal office space that fosters creativity and collaboration. If you have the budget, hire an office interior fit-out company to convert your residential space into commercial space. Make sure your newly converted office space supports your job needs. An interior fit-out company, with fewer adjustments, can turn your residential space to an easy, comfortable and functional office space. Make sure to create a detailed list of the most basic needs for the home office, to be briefed to the interior fit out company. The ideal location for office space will be a quiet area with some privacy. A fit out company can provide creative solutions while creating an office space.

Winter plus, a UAE based interior fit-out decoration firm is a one-stop company for interior designs, office interior fit-outs, residential and commercial fit-outs, and turnkey projects. They offer the best services in creating your ideal office space. Interior designers of Winter Plus will remodel your space with your specific requirements in mind.

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Top 10 budget Interior Fit Outs in Dubai

interior fit out coompanies

Interior Design is an important part of any organization, as that is what sets the tone for your workplace and culture. If you want the look to be thoroughly professional and classy, it’s important that the office interior fit out conveys the same. There are various office interior fit out companies in Dubai and we bring to you a list of the 10 best fit out companies in Dubai.
1) Winter Plus Interior Design: A UAE-based best interior fit out decoration firm that works within time and budget to create a modern living and office spaces that charm the heart and minds of anyone who comes across its creation.
2) S3T Koncepts: A design and build company based in Dubai with an exceptional reputation for providing innovative, quality and extraordinary designs and services across all interior design and fit out solutions.
3) HTS Interiors: Established in 2011, HTS Interiors works with businesses from large scale to small scale industries from full spectrum of Interior design services to manage every process from bespoke furniture to complete turnkey interior design solutions.
4) lnternal Line Interior Design: They offer all type of joinery, balance interior design and renovation fit out work related with wooden door manufacturing, kitchen manufacturing and wardrobe manufacturing for F&B, hotels, hospitality, residential places, retails, shops, offices,
villas, schools, commercials, clinics & restaurants in Dubai/UAE.
5) Pinnacle Interiors: Pinnacle Interiors LLC is a service-oriented company specializing in comprehensive architectural space planning, interior designing and build in UAE.
6) New Style Interiors: A team of interior experts, engineers and artists who create residential or commercial spaces that will enable positive experiences.
7) SPACE fitout Interiors LLC: A Commercial fit out company, based in Business Bay, Burj District, in Dubai, providing graceful interior architecture & specializing in developing customized design
and delivery module.
8) The Big Fitout: A company that offers complete turn-key property solutions for residential properties and specializes in kitchen and bathroom renovations.
9) Aujan Interior Decorations LLC: A Project Services Company, offering Commissioning Management, Hands-on Commissioning, Consultancy for Project Completions, unrivalled Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services, Maintenance and Cleaning services.
10) Romeo Interiors Dubai: specializes in the full-scope turnkey fit-out and furnishing of five-star luxury hotels, yachts, Villas, Palaces, apartments, and other fine private and public facilities in Dubai and around the world.
Truly, there are lots of options when you need to select interior fit out companies in Dubai, so it’s essential you select one basis expertise, experience and recommendation.